Discovering ideal strategies to increase insurance sales volume is the first step to hitting your targets.

In his book, The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook: A Serious How-to Manual With a Sense of Humor, Peter F. Porcelli Jr. shares, “Daily prospecting mitigates the ups and downs and loopty-loops of commission-based work.” Of course, every agent knows this, but how much prospecting can you really do on top of your daily learning, selling, and accounting tasks? There should be more convenient ways to increase insurance sales volume, right?

The answer is an astounding yes. And there are some genuinely effective prospecting strategies to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. 

increase insurance sales

Discover 5 ways to increase insurance sales and take your business to new heights

1. Boost your online presence. 

The internet transformed the business scene. Today, whether you run a megacorporation or a startup insurance agency, online platforms can help you reach the perfect audience. 

As long as your target market frequents a site, you can communicate with them there. For instance, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are better for reaching professionals than TikTok and Instagram.

Afterward, you can start building relationships with potential clients through these channels by providing them with valuable content. When you start educating and entertaining your audiences, they’ll communicate with you and share your content on their personal pages. This exponentially increases your reach and gives you more chances to capture qualified prospects.

2. Ask for referrals.

When the time is right, you can ask your clients for referrals. Some salespeople shy away from this process, but it becomes easier once you learn how and when to do it. Remember, timing is everything. 

Here are a few tips for achieving the best results:

  • Choose satisfied customers. People will be more than willing to send leads your way when they know how well you manage customer requirements. 
  • Start with good news. If you have good news for a client, like an approved payment type, share it first. Afterward, you can open the conversation about referrals. 
  • Offer incentives. Sweeten the deal for your clients by offering them incentives for their help. You don’t need expensive rewards to thank them; instead, you can give out gift cards or monthly subscriptions. 

3. Send personalized emails. 

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. However, outdated marketing practices are. 

Email as a sales tool is alive and kicking. However, consumers go through them differently than before. For instance, modern prospects now require personalization, which goes far beyond using their names in your messages.

Email marketing will only work if you customize the content for each potential client. Today, people don’t want to feel like they’re getting anything generic. Instead, you can use personalized emails to tell your clients about a new customer loyalty program or other exciting incentives you have for them should they refer qualified leads. 

4. Network in your community. 

Networking is crucial for bringing in new prospects. However, there’s nothing better than doing it in your community. It can boost your reputation as an expert, connect you with industry acquaintances, and ultimately increase insurance sales volume. 

If you want to do networking right, it’s best to shake things up by attending different events. Sticking to the same insurance functions won’t provide you with new opportunities. Here are some events to check out: 

  • Community service groups
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Charity fundraisers
  • School board meetings
  • Local fairs

You don’t have to look far to engage with potential clients. Your community is a great way to expand your client database.

5. Buy exclusive leads. 

Lastly, you can buy exclusive leads. These leads are prospects sent to only one buyer. When you purchase a database, only you can access it, eliminating the stiff competition. 

Remember, not all lead providers are the same. Before purchasing leads, consider these factors:

  • Lead quality: Ask companies about their lead sources. It’s best to work with those who hire specialists instead of gathering information from the internet.
  • Speed: Naturally, you should choose firms that offer leads fast. Once you pay for such services, there’s no reason for you to wait for a list of prospects. 
  • Return policy: Lead suppliers should be confident in the quality of their prospects. Look for a team that offers credit for unsatisfactory leads.

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