Lights, camera, action! Grow your agency by using these insurance agency marketing video tips and ideas.

Video content is becoming more and more essential as a way to market your insurance agency. As more meetings become phone calls or video calls, it’s important to get your face out there as a way of getting to know potential customers. With an insurance agency marketing video, you can introduce your agency to new customers, and begin the relationship-building even before your first phone call. The great news is that you don’t have to be a Hollywood filmmaker to create an effective insurance agency marketing video. In fact, with little more than a cell phone camera, you can create engaging video content that will earn you more business and maintain relationships with current customers. Here are nine basic tips and ideas for creating an insurance agency marketing video sure to wow your prospects and grow your business. 

1. Use the Right Tools 

You don’t need to invest a lot of money when making an insurance agency marketing video. In fact, many cell phone cameras are more than adequate for filming a short video. There are a few upgrades you can make to really enhance the production value and they won’t break the bank either. 

  • Tripod: Make sure you get one that will fit your phone or camera. There are small ones designed to be used on tabletops or taller ones that reach the ground. Both work great at stabilizing your camera/phone and make self-recording easy peasy.
  • Light: Consider a small ring light if you are filming indoors in a room without natural light. It’s amazing how professional your video will look with proper lighting. 
  • Microphone: There are several types of microphones you can use, but the easiest would be one that connects directly to your phone. This will help capture your voice more directly and reduce ambient noise getting in the way. 


2. Create a Welcome Video that You Send to New Leads

What better way to introduce your agency to a lead than by sending an introduction video. This video can showcase where your office is located and introduce your agents and their specialties. This is a good format to show what differentiates your agency from all the rest.

3. Send a Monthly Video to Leads and Customers with Agency Updates, News, and Tips

Create a monthly video that shares any agency updates. Do you have a new agent joining the team? What about a new product or promotion? Share the latest industry news with your leads and customers.

4. Record a Webinar or Panel Discussion

Offer a free webinar or panel discussion that presents helpful insurance buying information. Even if someone didn’t attend the webinar you can send them a recording of it after the fact, and include it in a library of video content on your website. 

5. Industry FAQs

An easy insurance agency marketing video is one where you answer frequently asked questions. This can be an ongoing series where leads can write in with questions and you take a minute or two to answer each one. 

6. Respond to Topical Events and News

Does your agency offer home insurance and there was a recent flood or storm? Create a video talking to current and potential customers about how your agency will handle these claims. Give your customers peace of mind by reviewing the claim process and offering your agency’s support.

7. Agent Profile Videos

Take a deeper dive by creating an insurance agency marketing video that features an individual agent. This can be an interview-style or a self-recorded testimonial. Agents can include things like how they got into the insurance industry, any recent client success stories, and even a bit of personality.   

8. Interview another Professional

If your agency sells home and auto insurance, record a video where you or another agent interviews a professional that you work with regularly. Maybe it’s an insurance adjustor who walks you through their process. Or maybe a vehicle mechanic who can share how they work with insurance companies when repairing vehicles. Home inspectors are great to interview and can talk about things to look out for in your home that could turn into future insurance claims.

9. Use Your Videos Everywhere

Once you’ve assembled your videos, don’t think that you can only use them in one place. Use them in emails, put them on your website, and take full advantage of social media. Try to keep most of your content “evergreen” meaning you can use it no matter the year. That way you don’t have to continually create a new library of videos each year. Ideally, you can use any given video in at least two or three places. 

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