Keep your insurance referral programs fresh with these seven ideas to earn you more business opportunities.

If you’re new in the insurance field, or have been an insurance agent for years, coming up with creative insurance referral program ideas can be challenging. On the surface, referral programs seem very straightforward: get other people to send you known leads. There are tried and true methods to implement these types of referral programs. But it’s worth revisiting some old ideas to see if there are new trends, technologies, and systems that can be added to your referral programs to keep them fresh and effective.

insurance referral program ideas

Track Your Referrals

Before getting into the details of insurance referral program ideas, it’s critical that you develop a tracking system. It’s as important to track your referral data as it is your sales numbers. Tracking referrals can show you where your best referrals come from. Tracking whether a referral came from a partner business, a new client, or a social media campaign, can let you know what referral streams are working best. It can also help you establish a referral reward program by incentivizing each referral. This can be anything from a referral fee for a partnering business, or a gift card for your client who has connected you to a new prospect. If you have a repeat referral stream, add levels of bonus incentives.

insurance referral program ideas

Take Advantage of Your Email Signature

In addition to your phone number and email address, add a link to your email signature that lets people schedule a call with you directly, using software like Calendly. Software like this integrates with your digital calendars and lets current and prospective clients know when you are available to take their call. When someone asks your client for an insurance recommendation, they can forward an email you’ve previously sent and the prospect can set up a time to talk at the earliest convenience.

insurance referral program ideas

Leverage Social Media and Technology

Co-sponsor a free webinar or workshop with other business partners. Drop your contact information into the chat feature or add it to your background using a filter or even a low-tech white board. Meet younger prospects online where they spend their free time. Start an informative TikTok channel where you debunk or demystify insurance industry secrets. Join Clubhouse, an audio-only chat room experience that lets people gather to discuss various topics. In your case, collaborate with a few experts in your field and create a space to talk shop and inform listeners. With Clubhouse you can open the conversation up to listeners who can ask questions and offer their own experiences.

insurance referral program ideas

Make Sure Your Contact Information Is In Your Client’s Phone

Some of the best insurance referral program ideas are the simplest. An easy-to-find phone number could be the difference between you and a competitor earning a referral. With every new client, make sure your contact information is saved in their cell phone. Send them a text with your information attached so they can easily save it in their contacts. The next time a friend or family member asks them for a recommendation for an insurance agent, there will be no barrier to share your contact information. Your client won’t have to hunt down your info in an email, or look for the business card in their cluttered wallet. Your contact information will be at their fingertips.

insurance referral program ideas

Thank Your Referral Sources

When you earn a referral, take time to thank the person who sent the new prospect, especially if the prospect turns into a new client. Social media is a great way to publicly thank your referral source and also welcome a new client. Simple copy like, “So grateful for John for connecting me with his sister-in-law Barbara. Welcome to the (insert agency name) family, Barbara! We look forward to working with you!” Add a photo of the clients if you have one, and tag each of the clients names. Be sure to seek permission before posting any personal information.

If your referral came from a partnering company, send a shareable gift like a fruit and cheese basket or a box of chocolates. Your referral source will undoubtedly share their gift and strike up conversation about you and your insurance agency. You might even get another referral from it!

insurance referral program ideas

Refer Clients to Other Businesses

Insurance referral program ideas don’t have to be a one-way street. Building partnerships with other types of insurance agents and other adjacent professionals can build a two-way referral system. When talking with your auto-insurance client they may share that they are looking for life insurance as well. Connect them with someone in your professional network. The partner will appreciate the referral and no doubt remember you the next time one of their clients is looking for auto insurance. This works great with connections at financial institutions, real estate agents, car dealerships, and accountants, just to name a few.

insurance referral program ideas

Share Customer Success Stories

Ask a client if you can share their success story. Did you just save someone $500 in insurance premiums? Showcase the success story on your social media accounts by giving a real life example of how you saved money for your client. Use specific details like “So glad to save Jim and Sandy $500 on their auto insurance. These two were such a fun couple to work with and I’m thrilled they can put that money toward decorating their nursery.” It’s very important to clear the copy with your client first, to make sure they are okay with the information you are sharing. While it’s not a direct referral, the success story acts as a customer testimonial and allows prospects to see a real world illustration of what you may be able to do for them.

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