Learn five common objections and ways to overcome them when selling insurance, plus one bonus tip that works almost every time.

Whether you are new at insurance sales or a seasoned veteran, one thing is certain: you will hear objections daily. No really, probably hourly. Overcoming objections in insurance sales needs to be as natural as breathing when you work in the insurance industry. Here are five common objections you’ll hear and tips to overcome them. There’s also a bonus tip that works almost every time!

Objection 1: Can you just send me the information?

Tip: Sell the next step

You’ll run into this one a lot when overcoming objections in insurance sales. At first, it doesn’t sound like an objection but a “just send me information” is just a polite brush-off that prevents you from selling insurance.

Your goal here at this moment isn’t to sell insurance, it’s to get to make it to the next step. Prevent a brush-off and eventual hang-up by selling the next step. “Can we take 30 seconds where I explain my process in getting you and your family the best home and auto insurance? I want to make sure I don’t send you incorrect information.” Your goal here is to make sure they understand the value of home or auto insurance and to keep them talking.

overcoming objections in insurance sales

Objection 2: I need to think about it.

Tip: Get Clarification
When someone says “I need to think about it,” or “I need to talk with my partner/spouse/kids,” ask them for clarification. Ask your prospect what other information they might need to make an informed decision. Tell them it’s your job to make sure they have all the information they need. Get your prospect to tell you their barriers so you can create ways to remove them and close your deal.

overcoming objections in insurance sales

Objection 3: That’s not something I need right now / Not at this time.

Tip: Create urgency
Sure, the old “limited time only,” and “act fast while supplies last” techniques will work for some prospects, but there are other ways to create urgency when overcoming objections in insurance sales. You’ll often hear prospects say, “that’s not something I need right now,” and “not at this time.” Ask them why they feel like they don’t need your product at this time. Ask them what they would do if something happened to their home or car? Their response may clue you into your next step or pivot.

You can then respond with information letting them know what the trend in insurance rates has been over the last few months. Share some insider knowledge with your prospects about what you’re seeing other clients do. Remind your prospect that regional, national, and international news and events can all impact insurance rates and promotions and that you would hate to see them miss out on a good opportunity/rate.

overcoming objections in insurance sales

Objection 4: I already have insurance through another provider.

Tip: Build trust

Let your prospect know that you are not trying to break them up with their current provider or broker. This is another place in the conversation where you get them talking. Ask your prospect what they like about their current product. Ask them when was the last time someone reviewed their insurance needs and compared different products available on the market. Reiterate that your goal is to make sure your prospect has access to all of the information and options available. This is a great segue into putting together a no-commitment proposal or quote for your prospect to review.

overcoming objections in insurance sales

Objection 5: It’s not in my budget / I can’t afford it at this time.

Tip: Ask for the prospect’s budget or desired monthly payment.

You may get to the end of your conversation with a prospect and hear them say, “I just can’t afford this insurance.” Ask them directly what their budget is for home or auto insurance and let them know that you want to be able to work with them to fit their budget. If their budget doesn’t match the products you have to offer, show them the value add they’re getting for the additional cost. What additional peace of mind will their dollars go toward? What financial safety nets will be put in place for your prospect and their family by stretching a bit outside of their budget.

Bonus Tip: Agree with your prospect.

This seems too simple to be true, but this works for nearly every objection. Whether it’s timing or money or anything between, when a prospect offers you an excuse or an objection, agree with them! Say, “I hear you, this sounds pricey” and “I’m with you, this isn’t something folks like to think about.” Then, pivot to the rationale with “…but look at the value you’re getting for that price,” and “…but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry.” Keep agreeing with them. Your conversation should be filled with moments of you “Yes-ing” your prospect and then adding a bit of information or follow-up questions. You want to keep the conversation going, and the easiest way to do that is for your prospect to believe that you’re with them. People want to be understood and heard. Once your prospect sees that you’re on their side, they’ll be more willing to listen to your sales pitch.

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