Discover how to jumpstart your career with these tips for new insurance agents.

Looking for the right path? Wondering how those before you found success? Are you ready to start closing deals, but can’t figure out where to begin? Don’t worry; these tips for new insurance agents guide you toward happier customers and more sales. 

There’s a big learning curve in insurance sales. But if your goal is to acquire as much knowledge and skill as you can as early as possible, you’ll be well on your way to making an impact as a new agent in the industry. 

tips for new insurance agents

10 Tips for new insurance agents you don’t want to miss

1. Be someone you would do business with. 

To be a successful agent, you need to gain other people’s trust. After all, what you’re selling is something intangible. For this reason, it’s best to always do what you would expect of an agent. Be an honest, reliable, and transparent entrepreneur, and potential clients will naturally want to buy policies from you. 

2. Boost your product knowledge. 

If you want to keep up with your seasoned colleagues, it’s essential to continuously upgrade your product knowledge. Learn everything there is to know about the industry and the policies you offer so you can address consumer questions and objections confidently. Set aside ample time every month to read books, join training sessions, and attend workshops.

3. Find a mentor. 

The most well-known entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg have at least this one thing in common: They all have mentors. This is one of the more important tips for new insurance agents. Having a mentor early in your career can help you establish goals, identify skills gaps, and learn trade secrets that usually take years to perfect. The right adviser can help you reach new heights in just a few years. 

4. Create a routine. 

Any seasoned insurance agent will tell you that you don’t need to work longer days to generate more income. Instead, you should develop good working habits. If you plan your day well, you can boost your productivity, increase your sales, and have enough time for the things that matter most to you.

5. Make time for prospecting.

As a new agent, you can start prospecting within your network. Any time you spend finding new clients is time well spent. Since it takes an average of eight touchpoints before landing a meeting and even more to close a deal, it’s essential to perform lead generation tasks every working day. 

6. Learn how to market yourself. 

There are over a million insurance agents in the U.S., some of whom sell similar products and services as you do. So one skill you need to learn early on is how to set yourself apart from the competition. Every part of your service, from your professionalism to your rapport to your follow-ups, will make up your brand, so give 100% in everything you do. 

7. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Nobody is perfect — not even the top salesperson in your agency. Veteran agents may make fewer mistakes, but it doesn’t mean these professionals don’t commit them. The key to enhancing your experience as a rookie is to handle your mistakes properly. Also, treat every error as a learning opportunity to make yourself a better agent. 

8. Dress to impress. 

As cliché as it might sound, making an excellent first impression is crucial in business. If you want to convey a sense of authority, credibility, and reliability, you have to look the part of a professional agent. This includes Zoom calls. You don’t have to look like a senate intern to impress your prospects, but it pays to look clean, smart, and trustworthy. 

9. Avoid jargon.

As a new agent, it may be tempting to prove how knowledgeable you are about your products and services. However, using too much jargon might prevent your potential clients from understanding the highlights of your offer. Instead of speaking in riddles, prepare a script to guide you and make sure you discuss your policies well. 

10. Ask for help. 

Lastly, never be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t understand something about a product or service you’re selling, ask an experienced colleague about it. Once you’ve run out of relatives, friends, and acquaintances to call, don’t be afraid to ask your network for references. When you let go of your fear of rejection, you can pave the way toward growing your business. 

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